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Mindful Rich Living, Love and Work

Mindful Rich Love på Ruths Hotel - Lise Grevenkop-Castenskiold

In order to take full responsibility for my own work/life balance, after having to cope with stress several times in the past, I created a strategy concept to secure time, money and energy for all the things I also wanted in life #OutsideWork

Today I know that we become better employees if we also spend sufficient time with our love, our children, friends, family and nature. However there are so many opportunities in this modern world, that it sometimes is difficult to have the right priorities. I therefore created a method to help find out what is most important and how to focus and prioritize continuously.

I called it #MindfulRichLiving and started teaching it to employees, leaders and their spouses! Over time I created a set of tools that could also optimize time and money to make it easier to reach the important goals #OutsideWork

Since I am also very passionate about love, I created #MindfulRichLove which is a similar method to make sure that you put enough effort in your lovelife #OutsideWork

I am also passionate about the ocean, the city called Skagen in Denmark and a hotel called Ruths Hotel. Therefore I started doing weekend courses for couples together with a therapist, in an awesome meeting room near the beach. We provide material and short lectures and allow the couples to work on their personal love strategy, so they can feel more love in their life #OutsideWork

Today we also teach them in other great locations, and want to combine the training with travel.

The really awesome thing is, that I get to work with helping others prevent stress, get more love, appreciation, family time, work/life balance, happiness at work and #OutsideWork

When I personally am #OutsideWork I love to travel with the love of my life, spend time with my grown up sons, family and friends, and swim in the ocean, walk on the beach and eat homemade healthy food.

Read more about Mindful Rich (soon in English, but currently in Danish), connect with me here in LinkedIn Lise Grevenkop-Castenskiold or follow Mindful Rich LinkedIn page. Then I promise to start updating it in English!

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